Enterprise Apps

Opallios creates mobile experiences to serve the unique needs and varied audiences inside the enterprise, whether its an app for your distributed workforce or its partners.

Consumer Apps

Every time your customer answers the phone, checks the time, or pats his or her pocket your mobile app is there. Opallios develops brand-building consumer apps that grow your market.

Indispensible Apps

A great mobile app engages users without them even realizing it. With Opallios apps, each piece of information offers value, each screen tells a story, and each touch or swipe causes an intuitive response.


Opallios services can be tailored to your specific needs–from defining a long-term mobile strategy, to engineering and testing an app that’s already been designed.

listingStrategy & User Experience

User experience is about ensuring an application is laid out intuitively, accounting for device ergonomics, human interface guidelines, and gestures. Put simply, user experience separates interactions and workflow from aesthetics and visuals.

listing2Visual Design

Mobile application design must account for various display sizes, orientations, and resolutions. Another often overlooked element of mobile design is branding. Most mobile applications have counterparts on the web or elsewhere.

listing3Mobile Development

Native mobile development is more like desktop than web programming, requiring knowledge of operating system-specific features, memory management, and hardware capabilities.
Additionally, it requires extensive on-device testing and more rapid release cycles to account for the various device and OS combinations.


Opallios serves clients in retail, travel, healthcare, photography, media, automotive, entertainment, and technology sectors. Our work, however, is not limited by verticals. We are experts in mobile application development. An integral part of that is our aptitude for discovery. Learning about your business–understanding your customer pain points, your market position and your thorniest business challenges–gives us the perspective we need to deliver an award-winning app.

Opallios technological expertise:


  • All major mobile platforms: iOS (iPhone & iPad), Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone
  • Native apps, web apps (HTML5/CSS/JavaScript), and hybrid apps (part native and part web)
  • Back-end web services and server development
  • Integration with existing web services via SOAP/REST
  • Cross-platform development frameworks, including Xamarin, Sencha, Appcelerator, and Phonegap/Cordova
  • Social network integration with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+
  • Enterprise integrations with Salesforce, Oracle, and Box


  • Augmented reality with camera overlays
  • 2D bar code and QR code scanning
  • Streaming video playback of MJPEG and H.264 over HTTP/RTSP and HTTP live streaming
  • Peer-to-peer cross-device communication with Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, including iBeacons
  • Application usage analytics with Flurry, Omniture, and Google Analytics integration
  • Ad serving with Google Adwords, DART, Medialets, iAds integration, and custom ad serving implementations



The Opallios Advantage

We believe that successful Web 2.0 products need UX and engineering to cohesively work together. In our ecosystem, UX teams work hand-in-hand with our engineering folks in an agile manner to create awesome products for you.

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