Opallios developed flexQ to allow customers to manage surveys more intelligently in the Salesforce environment, helping you better understand your customers, partners, or other survey recipients.


Current online survey systems are quite limited: participants are handled as a group, and analysis is usually limited to the answers of individual questions for the whole group. There is no way to establish correlations between individual participants and their answers, or to analyze trends over time for individual participants.Opallios developed flexQ to allow customers to manage surveys more intelligently in the Salesforce environment, helping you better understand your customers, partners, or other survey recipients. With flexQ, your surveys become much more flexible, and you can learn more from your customer responses.

with flexQ you can

  • Take action

    based on the response of a question (such as skip the next question, move to a different question, or take other branching or conditional options),

  • Pre-populate responses

    if they are questions that the user has answered previously (for example, their title or address), giving the user the option to change the response if needed,


  • Do contextual response analysis

    Do contextual response analysis, so that you can analyze questions over time, and see how responses to one question relate to the answers to another question,

  • Analyze Responses

    Analyze responses in-depth with big data tools.

There are three versions of flexQ available


Salesforce Document Generation Made Easy

With flexR, you can bring your Salesforce data alive with visually appealing documents and reports. Maximize your Salesforce investment with native document generation, so you never have to store data outside of Salesforce again.



Create personalized and visually stunning document templates using the right data to display the right information the right way.



Convert complex document generation into simple one-click templates to streamline your business processes and user experience.



Unleash the power of your data to dynamically generate an unlimited number of documents from richly formatted templates that satisfy your specific business needs.

flexR allows you to automatically generate professional documents and reports from Salesforce, including such benefits as:

Easy Customization

  • Easily design sophisticated, custom reports and documents
  • Create personalized templates that display the right data the right way for your business needs
  • Include complex content such as images, tables, charts, and hyperlinks
  • Dynamically report Salesforce data with simple, powerful queries

Automation of Business Processes

  • Streamline business documentation with pre-defined merge fields
  • Standardize business processes with automated document creation
  • Dynamically populate your templates with Salesforce data
  • Convert complex business documentation into simple one-click templates

Dynamic Document Generation

  • Dynamically generate complex content files from Salesforce data
  • Easily process thousands of documents per day using your existing Salesforce system
  • Create as many templates as you want at no extra cost


At Opallios, we have been developing custom applications on the Salesforce.com platform from scratch for many years. We not only develop our own products such as flexQ and flexR, but we also do custom Salesforce application development for our clients.

Our team has extensive expertise with the Force.com API, and is able to integrate custom applications with other cloud and enterprise platforms. We help our clients develop Software as a Service (SaaS) apps in the Salesforce / cloud ecosystem, and we help them architect a robust Platform as a Service (PaaS) infrastructure environment. Contact us to find out how we can help with your Salesforce app development. We can work either in a staff augmentation model, if you need additional Salesforce development resources, or we can provide full-service outsourced Salesforce product development.

The Opallios Advantage

We believe that successful Web 2.0 products need UX and engineering to cohesively work together. In our ecosystem, UX teams work hand-in-hand with our engineering folks in an agile manner to create awesome products for you.

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