Position: Software Developer

Hours: Full-time: Forty hours per week

Work site: 3375 Scott Blvd., Suite 406, Santa Clara, CA 95054.


Job Duties: Capable of handling latest software technologies and their functionalities. Working with consul for service registry and Registrar for auto discovery of the docker images. Work on open source network monitoring tools like Zuul, Linkerd and Envoy for routing. Involved in requirements gathering during the business analysis and planning phase of the project. Understand various trends in coding and implementing Microservices Architecture in projects. Involved in various methodologies required for developing code with the highest level of Standards which are specified by customer and client. Actively learning latest methods which help for code getting vulnerable from bugs. Involved with the team for various activities which consists of client specifications for better user interactions regarding the software development. Develop Angular2 framework to augment lists using Ajax, jQuery, and Angular2. Develop and set up Linux Environment on AWS cloud infrastructure, migrates corporate Linux servers from physical servers to AWS virtual servers.  Will use the following technologies/skills of:  JavaScript, TypeScript, Node, Express Framework, MongoDB.

Minimum Educ/Exp: Master’s Degree or foreign equivalent degree and two years of related work experience.


Applications/resumes should be directed to Alifia Bhadoria and/or mail to Opallios Inc. 3375 Scott Blvd., Suite 406, Santa Clara, CA 95054

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