Omcar Paradkar

Om Paradkar is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder at Opallios, bringing more than 20 years of experience delivering complex mission-critical enterprise applications in the financial industry. Prior to Opallios, Om successfully lead the product development of DNBi, a flagship product for Dun & Bradstreet contributing more than 40% of its total revenue. Prior to D&B, Om held key engineering leadership roles in companies across the United States (LiveCapital, US Interactive), Europe (IMS Health) and India (L&T Infotech).

Om started Opallios with a focus on the “Product Development as a Service” concept to enable small to medium size businesses to deliver products to the market in a cost effective and higher return on investment model. With his experience and expertise, Opallios has excelled in delivering solutions for its customers.

Peter Zadrozny

Peter Zadrozny is a veteran of the software industry. He is the Chief Technology Officer and Founder of Opallios, where he focuses on big data analytics projects as well as troubleshooting complex software architecture and performance issues on enterprise software.

Peter is also an adjunct professor at San José State University, where he teaches big data analytics. He has held various executive and technical roles in many countries around the world with startups as well as Fortune 500 companies. Highlights of his career include starting the operations of WebLogic in Europe and Sun Microsystems in Mexico. He is an accomplished author with various successful books on big data, Java Enterprise Edition and performance engineering. He also was an original contributor to The Grinder, a popular open source project.